Last Refreshed: 4/12/2024 11:04:51 AM
Last Refreshed: 4/12/2024 11:04:51 AM

Our Leading Together strategy

Our Leading Together strategy has served us well for the past three years. Even through the challenges of COVID-19, it has helped us to stay resilient and continue to achieve strong results.

Our purpose


Not only do we want to make it easy for people to choose a healthy, balanced diet, but also have access to products that are high quality, responsibly sourced – and of course, delicious!


People are busy. And in this hectic world, anything we can do to make things quicker, smoother and easier is a good thing.


For some, this means healthy eating. For others, shopping more inexpensively or more ethically. Whatever it means to our customers, associates and communities, we’re committed to helping make it happen.

Our vision


We always strive to be number one in our markets – not only in market share but also in our ambition to be a frontrunner in innovation.


We have a unique opportunity through our great local brands to leverage our scale while understanding and serving the needs of local customers and communities.


Food is not the only thing we sell, but it has been at the core of our business for 150 years. We love food and pride ourselves on offering customers healthy, quality and delicious choices in all our markets.


We serve our customers’ needs from the time they start planning what they want to buy and eat, during their shopping trips and all the way through to the moment they enjoy their meal.


We stay connected with our customers so we can offer the seamless omnichannel shopping experience that gives them more time to enjoy the moments in life that matter most to them.

Our Values

We will continue to improve our working environment with an engaged, inclusive, balanced and healthy workplace for our 402,000 employees. To do this we will rely on our core values: Courage, Integrity, Teamwork, Care and Humor.