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Last Refreshed: 6/14/2024 10:07:04 AM

Data privacy

The protection of personal data is paramount to Ahold Delhaize. Customers, associates, and business partners entrust our businesses with their personal data and we are committed to safeguarding this information. At Ahold Delhaize and its brands, we strive to use customer data to benefit customers, whether it is checking their home address for grocery deliveries, accessing their shopping history to receive personalized benefits or confirming account details for online orders.

Our privacy foundations

We have established four foundations that guide how Ahold Delhaize and its brands manage personal data:

  1. Ethical and Lawful: We collect, process, and maintain personal data lawfully and solely to pursue legitimate business purposes, in line with our values.

  2. Safe: We implement reasonable and appropriate privacy measures and modern safeguards in designing, developing, assessing, and delivering our products and services.

  3. Transparent: We are proactive and transparent about when and how we collect, use or share personal data. We provide customers, associates, business partners and service providers with control over their personal data as required by applicable law, including the ability to access, erase, correct, or transfer their data. These measures include obtaining consent or providing the ability to opt out of certain types of data processing, as required by applicable law. We provide data subjects with clear and readily accessible tools to raise privacy concerns or complaints. We also protect and keep current the personal data we process.

  4. Accountable: We maintain robust oversight and governance of the brands’ privacy practices, comply with legal and regulatory obligations everywhere we do business, and maintain an up-to-date privacy administration as required by applicable law. This extends to ongoing compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), U.S. federal and state privacy laws, and evolving legislation governing artificial intelligence, digital innovation, and other important security and privacy topics.

Our privacy practices

Ahold Delhaize and each of its brands has created privacy notices for their customers and associates, in line with local legal obligations. Through these notices, Ahold Delhaize and its brands inform data subjects of how the brands handle personal data, including information about the purposes and legal bases for which data is collected, applicable retention periods and how data subjects can exercise their legal rights. These privacy notices make clear the brands’ commitment to collecting and processing data in ways that are consistent with and limited to the stated purposes.

Each brand's privacy notice for customers is available on the brand’s website and app. The brands comply with applicable legal requirements in notifying customers, associates and third parties of data breaches or changes in their data practices. Please see the bottom of this page for links to the privacy notices of our brands.

Ahold Delhaize and its brands also require third parties with whom personal data is shared to commit to complying with Ahold Delhaize’s and applicable legal requirements. This is accomplished through robust vendor security and privacy assessments, contractual assurances, and compliance attestations.

All the Ahold Delhaize brands have a process in place to receive and follow up on customer complaints and to respond to inquiries from data protection authorities. The brands also provide training to employees regarding their privacy practices and requirements.

Privacy notices


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