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The GIANT Company’s Diversity Cohort

April 25, 2022 - At Ahold Delhaize and our local brands, we are open for everyone. We aspire to achieve 100% gender balance at all levels, to be 100% reflective of the markets we serve, and to strive for 100% inclusion, every day. We believe in a workplace that reflects our values, where all associates are respected, and where they can show their full talent.  

As our brands across the U.S recognize and celebrate Diversity Month during April, we had the opportunity to learn more about their great initiatives focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. One such example is The Giant Company’s Diversity Cohort. Learn more about it below!   

Bringing the Diversity Cohort to life 

The GIANT Company aspires to build a culture of inclusion and belonging for all team members, customers, and neighbors where everyone is respected, valued, heard and welcomed just the way they are. In 2020, Regional Director Steve Harfield had big dreams and much success in launching The GIANT Company’s first “Diversity Cohort,” an in-depth training program for store associates, aimed at providing one-of-a-kind development, training, and mentorship opportunities for diverse team members with the potential to fill future leadership positions. The idea of a Diversity Cohort was derived from The GIANT Company’s Compassionate Listening Sessions where all team members gather for a safe place to share ideas and concerns and help build greater inclusion for all. The GIANT Company Diversity Cohort has been extremely successful and has now expanded in more regions.  

Kelsey Sloan, Talent Acquisition Manager, who assisted in developing the program said: “We strive to provide an inclusive environment for team members and customers to work and shop and aim to reflect the diverse communities we serve. In order to fulfill this mission, we need to dedicate time, resources and energy to developing the next level of leaders and need to ensure our leadership of the future is diverse in all aspects. The Diversity Cohort drives our “Be You Team Promise”, to ensure each and every team member has opportunities to grow with our company if desired, and to feel supported and encouraged throughout the journey.” 

What is the program about? 

The goal of the Diversity Cohort is to prioritize and accelerate the development of The GIANT Company’s high-potential, diverse talent. It provides unique opportunities for learning and development, which will allow associates to identify their specific career aspirations and accelerate their journey to reaching these goals. Participants will have the opportunity to share their diverse perspectives and impact the region’s diversity initiative and strategy, by sharing their experiences and ideas.  

The Diversity Cohort program consists of a variety of unique in-depth training opportunities that include the following components:  

  • On-the-job training geared toward the next level role within their department;  
  • Attend live and virtual training sessions on technical and soft leadership skills;  
  • Participate in listening sessions to help the Region advance in their commitment to providing an inclusive workplace for all team members;  
  • Attend webinars and other events to learn more and contribute their ideas on diversity, equity and inclusion;  
  • Meet with Regional and Executive Leadership.  

Upon completion, participants will have gained a better understanding of The GIANT Company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and have become well-rounded leaders. Above all, they will have a better understanding of the career pathways and opportunities available to them.  

Several participating team members have already assumed leadership positions in The GIANT Company including department managers, leads and assistant department managers. 

Providing a path to growth and making an impact 

In the first Diversity Cohort, 50% of graduates were promoted during their program while engagement scores in the region beat the brand average! 

Jonathan Houston, program participant and Meat Team Member said: “I finally see what others see in me. I was never sure if I wanted to move up or not, but now I know for certain I do.”  

For The GIANT Company this program is not only a developmental tool for future leaders. It is also a way to make a real impact on both associates and customers, reflecting the diverse communities that it serves. 

Last Refreshed: 7/6/2022 3:24:44 PM
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