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Supporting colleagues with Ahold Delhaize’s Life Events Framework and our new Gender Transition Policy

July 31, 2023 – At Ahold Delhaize we believe that supporting our associates through impactful moments in their lives creates a more inclusive and diverse workplace for everyone. Our new Gender Transition policy, which is part of our Life Events Framework, supports exactly this.  

Whether it be childbirth, moving house, marriage, navigating disability, bereavement or retirement – whatever the moment, our associates may look to Ahold Delhaize for support.  

The Life Events Framework brings together policies, guidelines and all relevant information about benefits, practicalities and resources to provide support for associates and guidance to their managers during important moments in life. It is an evolving approach that addresses the needs for support of our associates.   

“The world around us changes, our associates’ needs change, and so do we,” said Natalia Wallenberg, Chief Human Resources Officer. “I’m proud that Ahold Delhaize, together with our great local brands and Business Resource Groups, continue to listen to our associates and develop ways in which we provide support during all important moments in life.” 

Gender Transition Policy 

The latest addition to the framework is the Gender Transition Policy, which is applicable to all Netherlands-based associates within Ahold Delhaize. 

This policy has been created to support associates in the process of gender transition. It includes what benefits are available for associates who start the transition process and guidance on what steps should be followed.  

The policy includes:  

  • Roles and responsibilities of everyone involved  
  • Guidelines for managers on how to provide caring support  
  • Guidelines for transitioning associates on how to seek support  
  • 33 weeks paid leave 
  • Associate profile changes (such as name change)  
  • Useful resources 

Gender transitioning can be a challenging and emotional process but also a deeply personal life-changing experience. We want to ensure that our associates have access to resources to feel supported and comfortable during their transition so that they can work as their true selves. By doing so, we contribute towards a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for all our colleagues.  

By contributing to a diverse and inclusive society, Ahold Delhaize is aiming towards its ambition to be 100% gender balanced, 100% reflective of the communities we serve, and a 100% inclusive workplace where all voices are heard and valued. Amongst other examples, we are committed to reaching pay equity, creating awareness around cultural and religious holidays, implementing various inclusivity trainings and through our Business Resource Groups such as AD Pride and The Diversity Network of Ahold Delhaize, we continue to foster representation. Please read more about our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ambitions and progress in our 2022 Annual Report. 

Last Refreshed: 7/15/2024 5:35:09 PM