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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3, 2021 – Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It’s a day to remind all people about the importance of disability inclusion and how it’s an essential part to upholding human rights and sustainable development. Participation and leadership from people with disabilities not only allows inclusion of all people in our local communities, but an opportunity for all.  

At Ahold Delhaize, the inclusion of people with disabilities is a priority. More importantly, it is vital be fully reflective of all communities. Therefore, many of our local brands have and are continuously working on several partnerships and initiatives while creating opportunities to support all associates and customers within local communities. Below are just some examples of how our brands are working towards achieving an inclusive workplace for all:  

Delhaize Serbia 

For Delhaize Serbia, the inclusion of people with disabilities is not only a strategic priority in its Diversity & Inclusion agenda, but it’s also their aspiration to be fully reflective of their marketplace. To achieve an inclusive workplace, it’s more than employment, it’s also about everyday activities. This year, Delhaize Serbia achieved the following in being a better inclusive workplace:  

  • Its commerce team extended cooperation with two diverse suppliers: Novitas, a local supplier of fruits and vegetables and Gardenika, a seller dried fruit rolls. Both companies' majority of employees are people with disabilities.  
  • The quality and product safety team took initiative to assure that all their e-trainings for associates are fully accessible, including narration and subtitles.  

Delhaize Serbia’s journey doesn’t end here, it is continuously working towards a better and inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.  

Last Refreshed: 8/18/2022 7:22:22 PM
Giant Food 

Giant Food has several partnerships and initiatives throughout the year to support associates and customers with disabilities. Below are some of Giant Food’s initiatives which they’re continuously working to expand:  

  • Giant Food stores partner with their local schools to provide “on-the-job” experience with an assistance of a job coach, to students with disabilities. Students will be hired and paid for several hours each week learning general tasks that help them build customer service and teamworking skills that are useful for any future career of their choice. Through these programs Giant Food has hired many associates with disabilities, creating a better diverse and inclusive company culture.  
  • Giant Food’s WIN (Women’s Inclusion Network) increased awareness during Autism Acceptance Month by hosting an EMPOWER Hour featuring expert speaker, Jane Lynn Britton where she discussed balancing work and family life for Autism Families during the pandemic. This brought an increased awareness about the Autism community and showcased the importance of empathizing with associates and customers. In addition, Giant Food associates showed their support and acceptance of the Autism community by wearing red while in working in stores. 
  • Giant Food has been a sponsor of Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities for many years. This is an independent, non-profit advocacy organization focused on improving the lives of children and adults with disabilities and their families in the District of Columbia and beyond. They work with people and their family members to solve problems, identify opportunities for learning and contribution, Quality Trust looks for creative ways to minimize differences and make the most of each person’s abilities.  
  • The Giant Pharmacy partners with the Arc of Prince George’s County in Maryland to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to community members with developmental/intellectual disabilities. Many of the community members that go to the Arc of Prince George’s County cannot get to a Giant Pharmacy and are more comfortable at the Arc so the Giant Pharmacy has setup a base there where people can come and get their COVID-19 vaccination. Giant Pharmacists will even go out to the car of the people that visit to give them the shot if they are unable to enter the building. Giant Food now looks forward to partnering with the Arc of Prince George’s County going forward. Giant will hold flu vaccinations and other pharmaceutical events there to support people with disabilities. 
Food Lion 

Food Lion supports disability awareness by providing job opportunities and a sense of belonging to associates living with a disability. William Kidwell joined Food Lion a little more than two years ago as a cashier, through the Center for Independent Living, which provides employment assistance for individuals with disabilities. William became a triple amputee following a motorcycle accident in 1995 and he spent four months in the hospital. William shares why he feels he belongs at Food Lion.  

“I’m part of the team. They count on me. When we need more people to work, I’m asked like everyone else. I run lane #7, the express lane. Customers know I’m going to be there. We focus on what I can do and that means a lot to me.”  

“I feel accepted by everyone at my store. One example of acceptance is that even though I run the express lane, some customers with a basket full of groceries just want to check out with me. They know me and I know them. They want that personal experience. Managers jump into help so we can just keep the lane moving. It’s great to feel that connection and support.”  

“At our store we love Shop & Earn. It feels great for me to teach customers about it. We show them how to use it on their phones and I can see their smiles when they see those savings. I love to help people like that.” 

“I love my job and it began with Food Lion giving me a chance. Lots of other people would have looked at me and focused on what I couldn’t do because of my disabilities. Food Lion believed in me and told me I could do it. Leaders told me I’d be good out front. That gave me the confidence I needed to show everyone what I could do. We really have a good team. I love it, I do. 

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