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Changes in the Ahold Delhaize brand reporting lines

August 27, 2021 - Today, Ahold Delhaize announces changes in its Europe & Indonesia regional brand reporting lines. These will allow the team to accelerate the European Frontrunner strategy in a more agile way. Collaboration across the European brands is central to the European strategy. The new reporting line structure will support a more comprehensive cross-brand collaboration, while the brands remain in the lead to develop their local customer value proposition. 
In the current situation, the EU&I board consist of all brand presidents who report directly to Wouter Kolk, CEO Ahold Delhaize Europe & Indonesia. The newly created AD EU&I Board, consists of four brand leaders (from the brands Albert Heijn, Delhaize, Albert and and the functional European leads for HR, Finance, Legal, Digital & IT.  

Furthermore, a structure change for the Netherlands and Central and Southern Europe (CSE) brands will be implemented. In the Netherlands, Pieter Saman (Brand President Gall & Gall) and Sebastiaan de Jong (Brand President Etos) will report to Marit van Egmond (Brand President Albert Heijn). In the CSE region Jesper Lauridsen (Brand President Albert) will oversee the Maxi, Alfa Beta and Mega Image brands. This implies that Jan Willem Dockheer, Vassilis Stavrou and Mircea Moga respectively will report to Jesper Lauridsen. The Brand President of SuperIndo will continue to report directly to Wouter Kolk. The changes will be effective September 1, 2021. 

In the central AD EU&I team recent appointments include Selma Postma in the Chief Digital Officer role, Frank Sluis as CFO and Tracy Stone as Chief HR Officer. Wouter Kolk, CEO Ahold Delhaize Europe & Indonesia: “Our European Frontrunner strategy sets clear joint targets in areas such as sourcing, platforms & data and sustainability as these are key to our continued success. The new reporting structures allows all brands to fulfill their role as local market leader, whilst working together more closely and agile in specific areas.” 

Last Refreshed: 9/28/2021 6:33:56 AM
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